Pamela Hill

The quilts of Pamela Hill combine the history and tradition of the craft with her use of bold pattern and strong, clear color. Although frequently used as decorative wall pieces in public and private interior spaces, the quilts are designed and constructed to be durable for everyday use as bedcovers.

Handwoven and dyed fabrics are a frequent source of inspiration for Hill. She particularly appreciates traditional Guatemalan, Japanese, and African fabrics which she combines with pima cotton, silk, and other high-quality commercial fabrics. The intricate graphics of the traditional fabrics are especially well suited to Hill’s own broadly drawn designs.

The artist grew up in an Amish area of Illinois where there was a strong tradition of quiltmaking, and she learned the craft early. Hill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois and pursued graduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles before she returned to quiltmaking and established her own studio in the Northern California Gold Country in 1976.