Patty Valladares

Patty Valladares has been an artist since childhood, a vocation that she has strengthened with academic training, collecting, and research. She is the founder of the female collective “Hecho en Guatemala” [Made in Guatemala], the first of its kind in the country. For decades, she has shared her knowledge of plastic arts and has experience working side-by-side with important masters, who have strengthened her creative perception and mastery of techniques.

In her own words: “My passion for life, the taste and way of living it, is translated into color and shapes, a balance between aesthetics and social commitments evidenced in the themes addressed, where I try to reflect both the beauty and the weakness of the human being. I continuously seek for a balance with the commitment to family, a challenge in daily work without separating from the roles I have acquired, undertaken and respected as a woman; a human structure, where family and surroundings strengthen, inspire, and support the development of my creative nature.”