Peter de Swart

“I have long been fascinated by the ways we choose to see the world and, equally important, by the ways the world impresses itself upon us. For not only do we look out on the world; the world gazes at us and catches us in our strangeness, our posturings, our needs, our illusions. In our age of casual narcissism, this complex reciprocity is typically overlooked. And yet is seems to me that only when the world articulates itself inside us can we begin to see: a seeing that is attentive and alive to details (and the devil inside them), a seeing that labors and plays, exposes and hides in plain view. Hence, the craft-aspect of the work: before vision can become a vision, it needs to do the legwork. There is no free lunch. Without a genuine, persisting engagement the eye clouds over in misty, wishful musings, in lifeless abstractions, in sloppy self-assertions.”