Phill Nethercott

A native of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Phill Nethercott paints the landscape of his home state including the Grand Tetons, aspen and cottonwood trees. His heritage in that area runs deep as his grandparents were among the first settlers in the Teton Valley, and settled a ranch that grew to 160 acres.

Nethercott married his high school sweetheart, studied art at Brigham Young University in Utah and then returned to Wyoming. To support his family before his art career took hold, he designed and built custom homes.

Nethercott depicts the western landscape he has known since childhood, using his own technique for creating texture and a style that combines Impressionism and Realism. He first paints a light coat of gesso on the canvas followed by a detailed transparent underpainting in full color, using water-soluble oil and acrylic paints. He finishes by splashing the surface with dribble and splatters which create “controlled accidents.” He then finishes this stage with a watercolor masking technique in which he applies multiple layers of paint over a period of days.

Nethercott is one of the co-founders of Art for the Parks painting competition and exhibition. The goal was to provide a venue for emerging artists to show their work, with strong financial incentive. The top prize is $100,000. Ironically he has never entered an exhibition.

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