Preston Jackson

“My two-dimensional work shows a continued interaction with human nature. I have combined the trusted realism of photography with the expressive drawing and color rendering from my own experience to present a view of unsung heroes giving life and meaning to their existence. Those who have no claim to fame are given their due respect by focusing on their portraits. My two-dimensional portraits show not only diversity in a physical sense, but also mentally. Beliefs in our society have a definite effect on our physical appearance. My goal is to communicate my life interpretations to the observer.”

A professor of sculpture at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago (Illinois), Jackson is the head of the figurative area and has served as chair of the sculpture department. Jackson’s recent work deals with the subject of our history – both precise depictions of well known historical figures, as well as innovative portrayals of individuals whose lives, though unfamiliar to us, are part of our history. His latest series, Fresh from Julieanne´s Garden, reveals the lives and personalities of his ancestors and the stories of all of our forbears who lived in the southern United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This work reflects an admiration for the resolution and resiliency of each individual.