Rachel Hovnanian

“My job as an artist is to elicit conversations. These conversations began around the societal obsession with beauty and narcissism. This theme has been an undercurrent in my work as seen in Power &
Burden of Beauty and Preservation of the Narcissus, where I delved into the emotional, psychological and societal affects of those in pursuit of surface perfection. As I have grown as an artist, my foci have evolved to
include interpersonal relationships in the twenty-first century and the concepts of immediacy and individuality provided by technology. . .
As technology continues to push the bounds of reality, I ask the viewers to question this dual or second reality. As the second reality evolves virtually and physically, I have incorporated this new media into my work using 3-D printing and holographic projections to create custom order, ‘perfect’ objects, that at once resemble reality but remain hollow. At first I like to pull people into my work with something light and enchanting, the beauty of it. As the viewer begins to inspect it they discover the darker aspects and are asked to think and talk about it. These dualities fluctuate as one scans my Motherboards and interacts with
my Funhouse Dressing Room. My work continues to evolve alongside the media, technology and cultures to which it responds. I hope my art can question current conditions, allowing us to have a dialogue around the work.”
~ Rachel Hovnanian
Rachel Hovnanian received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas, Austin, and has since exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Asia, Europe, and
the Middle East.