Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith, an artist living in Boston, MA, USA, was educated at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and the Cooperativa Mosaicisti, Ravenna, Italy. She has shown her work in the US and abroad. She currently works in oils and in drawing media.

Her latest images are based on the changeability of water; within these images she explores the nature of structure and system, and also the alluring qualities of water which have fascinated humans forever.

The complex and delicate drawings start with a very simple map of lines. As she begins to relate the lines she looks for which new “ornaments” might appear, employing them to the fullest possible extent. Any one drawing may expend a dozen or more pencils.

In her paintings Rhonda employs color dynamics to push that intricate relationship of lines and shapes. Each painting can take months to complete as she follows a process of “layers” of thinking.