Riva Leviten

Born in California, Riva Leviten spent her adult life as an artist in Providence, Rhode Island. She was diagnosed in 2001 with Alzheimer’s and fought the battle against the disease for over 12 years. Following is a quote about Rita from her daughter Priscilla’s blog:
My mother, Riva Leviten, was the most colorful woman I ever met. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s six years ago, she has faded to the point where she is now a pale pastel drawing of her former self. She’s muted, no longer the outrageous, outspoken artist I grew up with. Incredibly, the woman whose flamboyant, narcissistic personality embarrassed and angered me for 55 years is now a sweet, properly medicated elderly woman. Flashes of her charm, wit and off-kilter take on the world occasionally come through the haze that surrounds her brain.