Rosa Ibarra

I make art simply because it’s what I’m called to do. It is as intrinsic to me as breathing or eating; without it I wouldn’t be whole.
People inspire me, most often assertive women who radiate strength in moments of soft contemplation or lost in a private thought. I find my muse while quietly observing and imagine the colors emerging from their expressions and their beings. Then it all becomes a painting in my mind.

I use oils, interweaving thick layers of paint to convey the vibration of light and build texture and design. At times I’ll adhere elements to add relief and contrast, such as beach-washed glass or lace. Gold, copper and silver gilding also enhances the visual experience as a whole. Creating a painting is a journey of self discovery and a quest to master my craft.

Born in Puerto Rico, I spent my childhood in Old San Juan and my teenage years in Paris, France. Around the world after that, since traveling is my passion and inspiration. I hold a degree of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and continued my art education in France, painting and teaching in Paris at my father’s studio, Atelier Arana. Alfonso Arana, was a renown Puerto Rican artist and a recipient of the French medal of honor, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

I exhibit my work in galleries and museums in the United States and abroad. I teach and especially enjoy sharing the healing benefits of art with the marginalized communities such as recovering female addicts, detained youth in rehabilitation programs, incarcerated men or women and low-income cancer survivors.

?I would describe myself as a happy person, passionate for what I do, who enjoys new experiences and takes pleasure in the simple things in life.