Ruth Litwin

“I use pattern to portray the twists and turns that happen every day in all our lives. We have interruptions, not always of our choosing, tat change our next moves, whether we continue to work or we have to leave. When we come back to the painting, the motivation has somewhat changed. The work is now going to be different.

As an experimenter and a dreamer, I work intuitively. Passion and determination have put more clarity in my art. Instinctively I manipulate shapes and colors with fascination. I use many shapes weaving in and out. Layers of paint and negative spaces signify our times and how we live.

The colors are bright and neon. I want the viewer to look and have the shock of the intensity, to come into the experience and see the different layers and go deep into the interior of the work. The painting has become complicated. Every cell has a painting within itself. First you see the overall structure and if you stop and look, you can see the parts that make the whole.

Ultimately, on a personal level and with my art, my vision is to have harmony, peace, and trust in myself.”

Ruth Forbes Litwin’s work is found in numerous private, corporate, and public collections, including the Memorial Center for Holocaust Studies, Dallas, Texas, and the National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions across the United States, and in Paris, Beijing, Copenhagen, and Nairobi.

Luanda 2005