Stuart and Scott Gentling

Stuart and Scott Gentling were born in Rochester, Minnesota, but moved to Fort Worth at the age of five when their father became the head of the anesthesiology department at Harris Hospital. The Gentlings were products of the Fort Worth school system, and both attended Tulane University and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where they studied under Walter Stuempfig and watercolorist John McCoy. Although highly regarded as independent figurative painters and quick to point out differences in their own special approaches, the two brothers have a unique sense of collaboration and were creative partners for as long as they or anyone else could remember. With subject matters ranging from the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochitlan to Native American Indians, they are perhaps most widely recognized for their masterful book, Of Birds and Texas, a boxed portfolio of 50 paintings of birds and landscapes, published in 1986 to universal acclaim. They are also self-motivated scholars, amateur archaeologists and avid collectors of objects and art with interests including 18th century musical instruments and original clothing, Audubon memorabilia, American Abstract Expressionist paintings and ancient Greek and pre-Columbian artifacts. Stuart Gentling died in 2006; his twin brother Scott painted in Fort Worth until his death in 2011.