Susan Madacsi

Susan Madacsi works with steel in the traditional forging manner of a blacksmith. When steel is heated to forging temperatures approximately 2,200 degrees it can be manipulated in the same ways as clay. She explores and pushes the plasticity of the material in this hot state achieving a variety of layered textures and patterns. Madacsi begins a piece by making a multitude of elements to work with, then intuitively arrange the pieces until she has a composition that she find interesting and captures an element of beauty. Once a piece carries these aesthetic qualities she joins the work together by means of welding and riveting. Finally applying aerosol enamel paint and a variety of techniques to distress the surface. By using pigment she has found that she is able to emphasize the many textures that evolve from forging. The result is an interpretation of a contemporary form that hints towards nature and is an attempt to capture entropy. Although steel is usually first thought of as an industrial material, Madacsi likes to draw attention to our connection with it on a human level, by creating objects that reveal organic forms. Her work is the result of her desire to use steel as a substrate for texture, form and as a pallet for exploring color.