Tamret Gezahegn

Tamrat Gezahegn presents nine works of art that deal with ‘reality of life in the world’ at his private studio located near Ras Mekonnen Bridge on the way to Piazza from Arat Kilo. At the exhibition the painter tried to reveal what he thought he captured from the real world with different forms, structures, lines and colors that he considered very obvious to express his inner feelings accurately.

He added that in this exhibition he used different color compositions such as hot colors (red and yellow), cold color (blue) and earth color (brown). According to him he was just experimenting with colors in different sites and this just gave him a chance to play with colors in his painting.

Asked why he left all of his painting untitled, he said because he did not want to interfere with the perception of viewers by giving titles to his paintings.
Art for Tamrat in his own words is a soul food, something that he can’t live without and his ways of appreciating existing living things as well as non-living things. “On my paintings I use different kinds of colors and forms. I also incorporate what I see visually and I usually consider my work as music,” added the painter.