Tuuli Bailey

Tuuli was born on November 11, 1928 in Finland. An avid artist, her childhood efforts in sculpture were snow bears, dogs and cats. Plasteline was shaped into small bears, horses, moose and tigers. Ten years later she had a chance to work in the sculpture studio of Alpo and Nina Sailo during weekends over three academic years. She majored in art history at the same time.
To keep her out of mischief as a child, Tuuli’s mother arranged home-grown fruit and flowers into still life settings for Tuuli to create watercolors.
Tuuli had started painting oils in Finland and after she moved to the United States, she continued to paint oils on extensive trips arranged by her husband. On those occasions, she had the chance of putting up her easel in places like a Mexican mountain, a Japanese village or temple area, as well as the Monument Valley and other parks in North America.

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