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Storytelling with Sharis: Artivist Monica Jahan Bose creates climate hope

This Bangladeshi-American artist and climate activist has been dedicatedly creating “climate hope,” engaging thousands of people across the globe through different art forms, highlighting the intersection of climate, racial, gender, and economic injustice.

Art in Embassies Announces Clarice Smith Collection

Art in Embassies Announces Clarice Smith Collection - The first collection, The Clarice Smith Collection, comprises 72 artworks by Washington, D.C.-based artist Clarice Smith. These pieces encompass portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes rendered in oil, pastel, and watercolor. They will immediately become available for exhibit in U.S. embassies and Ambassadors’ residences under long-term loan agreements.

Art in Embassies Artist Exchange to Kazakhstan

Angel Rafael “Ralph” Vázquez-Concepción, a visual artist and independent curator visited Kazakhstan as part of the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies program.

Fusion of Art, Cultures and Diplomacy

Connections between the natural environment of our country and the North American infrastructure are those established in the new building complex of the United States embassy in Paraguay, soon to be inaugurated. The complex brings together elements of nature, culture and art from our countries.