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Featured Artists

  • Jack StuppinJack StuppinVIEW

    “Jack Stuppin has absorbed – consciously or unconsciously – the history and tradition of his medium. He is passionate in proclaiming his belief that the genre of landscape painting remains meaningful to the viewer and to society. Art critic Donald Kuspit notes that Stuppin’s paintings relate to the ...
  • Rosa IbarraRosa IbarraVIEW

  • Alejandro CabreraAlejandro CabreraVIEW

    Cabrera graduated from the Western National Technical Institute in 1982, and works as a computer technician, painting in his spare time. He began to paint in 1980, after working in the National Literacy Campaign, and entered the Primitivistic Painters group in Sutiava. http://www.indigoarts.com/g...
  • Sheila IshamSheila IshamVIEW

    Sheila Isham's career as painter, lithographer and collagist has spanned over fifty years, during which time she encountered-and absorbed into her work-many diverse cultural traditions, including those of Germany, Russia, China, India, Haiti and the United States. While traveling with her husband, a...


A New Monrovian Story - Story is a three-part artwork created by Workingman Collective members Tom Ashcraft and Peter Winant over the course of two years. At its core, the commission considers the relationship of play, learning and building community across generations, linking the United States Embassy and the greater Liberian Community

In May of 2014, Ashcraft and Winant traveled to Monrovia to install the sculptural part of the commission on the U.S. Embassy grounds. Four cast bronze, oversized school desk chairs populated by the national bird, the Pepper bird, evoke the folktale icon, who according to legend, shrieks each dawn until Father Night releases the people sleeping peacefully under - read more>

September 10, 2014

Talking cultural diplomacy with art - One night of art and ‘cultural diplomacy’ was held to complement a whole week of art as Dubai hosts its annual Art Dubai week. Titled ‘A Night of Art’, the event was held at the US Consulate-General in Bur Dubai on Wednesday night. The consulate opened its doors to display the permanent pieces of art adorning the interiors.

One of the dozens of artists on display was Professor of Photography at the American University in Dubai, Roberto Lopardo. His work ‘Mapping Dubai’, a time sequence that shows one photo taken per minute in a 24-hour cycle in Media City — an epic of 1440 photos — takes pride of place in the consulate’s waiting room.

Another notable work - read more>
March 22, 2014

Color and Motion Connections in Lesotho - Recently Art in Embassies sponsored artist Maya Freelon Asante on a cultural exchange artist workshop to Morija, a village in Lesotho. Here is a post from the Hub on her trip - On the 19th of December, 2013, Maya Freelon Asante – award winning artist and daughter of jazz musician Nnenna Freelon – held a one-of-a-kind art workshop in Morija, Lesotho. The workshop took place at Linotšing art studio, adjacent to Maeder House – one of the oldest recorded buildings in Lesotho – and involved 35 local youth between the ages of 4 -25.

Throughout the afternoon, young people were given the chance to discover and create with a range of materials. In the space of - read more>
January 6, 2014

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