Amanda Brooks

Tim Davis and Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre

In June 2023, artists Tim Davis and Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre traveled to Malawi to participate in an Art in Embassies Democracy Collection artist exchange. Their visit took them from Zomba to Lilongwe and culminated with the Embassy’s Juneteenth celebrations. They met with artists, students, faculty, civil rights activists, and a host of other audiences as...
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Richard Webb

In May 2023, American photographer Richard Webb traveled to Türkiye as part of an Art in Embassies Democracy Collection exchange where he engaged directly with the Turkish people in Ankara, Cappadocia, and Istanbul. His trip included workshops and photo outings with a variety of audiences, including young artists and other local creatives with whom he...
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Ángel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción

In August 2023, American artist Ángel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción traveled to Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan, to participate in an Art in Embassies Democracy Collection Artist Exchange in conjunction with the recognition of the UN Day Against Nuclear Testing. Much of Vázquez-Concepción’s art is rooted in the history of atomic culture and nuclear technology in the United...
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Anne Blackwell Thompson

In May 2023, botanical artist Anne Blackwell Thompson traveled to Slovenia as part of an Art in Embassies Democracy Collection artist exchange, conducting several days of community outreach. Her exchange took her from the capital of Ljubljana to Triglav National Park, the country’s only national park. “Activities included interacting with primary school students, undergraduate and...
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Hillary Waters Fayle

In April 2023, American artist Hillary Waters Fayle traveled to Algeria for a week of cultural outreach as part of a Democracy Collection artist exchange. Over the course of four days, she worked with local artisans, spoke with art students, and collaborated with noted Algerian artists and art venues to share her experiences as an...
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Paul Chaat Smith

In March 2023, Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian’s Paul Chaat Smith visited New Zealand on an Art in Embassies artist exchange as part of the Democracy Collection initiative. Across five days, three cities, and two islands, he spoke to a variety of groups about the contemporary landscape of Indigenous art in the United...
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Zoë Charlton

In March 2023 as part of the Democracy Collection initiative, American artist Zoë Charlton traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania, where she spent five days on an artist exchange conducting outreach with the U.S. Embassy.
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Regina Bain

In the 1950s and 1960s, the State Department sent a number of musicians, including Louis Armstrong, on international tours of American goodwill across the Middle East and North Africa, earning them the nickname Jazz Ambassadors. In February 2023, Art in Embassies sent Regina Bain from the Louis Armstrong House Museum to Manama, Bahrain, to conduct...
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Susan Gott and Derwin Leiva

In January 2023, Susan Gott and Derwin Leiva – two Art in Embassies artists – traveled to Guatemala City, Guatemala, as part of the first Democracy Collection Initiative Artist Exchange. Over several days of programming, they met and talked with local students and artists creating in a variety of media to lead master classes, have...
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