Aleksander Titovets

Through art, we can answer the questions of who we are, what we live for and what we will leave behind when we’re gone from this world. It is my goal to make these connections so that the people who see my paintings will understand and maybe will treasure their time on earth more.

Aleksander Titovets immigrated to the United States with his wife, Lyuba, from Russia in 1992. Although the painter resides in El Paso, Texas he finds his inspiration in memories of his homeland and the painters Titian and Velazquez. Titovets was born and raised in a cabin in a Siberian Forest. At age ten his parents moved to St. Petersburg where he later earned both bachelors and masters degrees from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University College of Fine Art.

Siberian born, Aleksander received his Masters in Fine Arts from St. Petersburg University College of Fine Arts. His classical art skills reflect the Russian School of Oil Painting, a style that combines a powerful realistic involvement with the soft, lyrical looseness of impressionism.

Although some of Aleksander’s recent work has begun to be influenced by his surroundings in the desert southwest, the majority of his images are still inspired by his Russian homeland. His reserve of some 100 sketches, precious documents of earlier travels, is the basis for these nostalgic creations. “Like all artists, I am more comfortable painting what I know,” explains Aleksander.

Aleksander has participated in competitions with the National Academy of Design, in New York and the Oil Painters of America. He won Best of Show in the International Fine Art Competition four years in a row among competitors in his region. For many years running, he has been selected as a guest artist for Great American Artists and Artists of America that honored him in 1998 with the Artist’s Choice Award. His work is included in public and private collections worldwide, including those of Sophia Loren and the King of Spain, His Majesty Juan Carlos. (photo)