Andrea Luria

Andrea Luria loves portraits, and this passion is the inspiration for her bold, full-length bird paintings. Similar in scale and ambition to the standing full figure portraits of classical portrait painters, these canvases portray wading birds in all their finery and surprising personality. Unlike her human subjects, Luria’s water birds don’t talk back or complain over an unflattering brush stroke or critical observation – the artist now prefers them as subjects. It is not a limitation in terms of expressing emotion, the birds exude an array of attitudes from their facial expressions, raised eyebrows and cocked heads. Luria paints cranky pelicans, shy storks, and self-satisfied, preening spoonbills – all the while with an Audubon-like accuracy of natural observation. These beautiful six-foot canvases with their striking colors against dark backgrounds are dynamic and graphic in their contrasts. Their unexpected emotional power imbues them with a palpable but understated sense of humor. Those who share Luria’s feelings for our American waterfowl will appreciate these masterful works. Perhaps this artist’s big birds represent another voice in the chain of dependents on clean water.