April Richardson

Birth and death and everything in between. Continuity, repetition, adaptation to circumstance. Memory and loss. What happens when light is limited or space is restricted, or there’s too much of a good thing. What was here yesterday. What will be here tomorrow. How to find a calm place when strife and chaos prevail. These thoughts occupy me, and the observation of nature provides a physical way approach them.

I combine drawing, painting, collage and printmaking to create large mixed media monotypes. I apply thin layers of ink and paper, scrape or tear it away, and then rebuild layer after layer to achieve complex depth and texture. Sometimes I press leaves or flowers directly into the surface. Maps, photographs, souvenirs and dreams may be completely buried, revealed only by a hint of shadow or figure. I may include block prints, drypoints, and pencil drawings, or paint directly on the print. I love the physical aspect of printmaking: mixing colors, placing the plate on the press, smoothing the blankets, turning the wheel, and peeling back the paper to reveal a new design.