B.J. Adams

With a background in fine art, painting, and sculpture, B. J. Adams’ art work varies from abstract to realistic images. Her artwork has been commissioned for both public and private collections and has been shown widely throughout the U.S. and abroad in museum and gallery exhibits. A mixed-media artist and teacher since the early 1970’s, her work has appeared in many books, catalogs, and publications. Please see her web site for a short resume enumerating exhibitions, publications, commissions and collections as well as a view of the her various series of artwork.

Using the sewing machine as one of the artistic tools, Adams work with free-motion embroidery has allowed her to combine traditional painting and drawing techniques with non-traditional embroidery, creating uncommon realistic, surrealistic, and abstract images.

Adams says, “while working on one artwork, another idea often emerges, and it is this constant, stimulating flow that causes my work to evolve, to create new series, and to seek different themes. The unusual or commonplace materials and techniques I use, the focus required by the slow working process of this art, and the infinite available subjects, keep my work ever-changing, challenging, and always motivating.”