Babette Martino

I was born, in Philadelphia, in 1956 to a family of 14 artists, including my mother, Eva Marinelli Martino, and my father, Giovanni Martino, N.A. My whole life is focused on art, painting every day, teaching and lecturing on my family and our paintings. All my plans and efforts have been directed to my career, trying to be the best painter I can be.

I paint town scenes, from life, returning to the same subject until completed. Larger works are developed in my studio. Early morning light is portrayed in the horizon, progressively changing to midday in the foreground. This I call extended light; it is sustained, continued and perpetual. I was influenced by the composition of Poussin and Cezanne, the chiaro scuro technique of Caravaggio, the surrealism of De Chirico, and the daily example, inspiration and enthusiasm of my father and family.

While studying in Firenze, Italia, for my Diploma & San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico, for my M.F.A. I became fluent in both Italian & Spanish. I also studied at The PA Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia & received my B.A. from Tyler/Temple University, Philadelphia. I studied with my parents for my whole life.

– Babette Martino