Brigitte McReynolds

My work is a continuous investigation of abstraction and exploration of the human form. It is a visual diary, a “paper trail” of a process, spontaneous yet deliberate, personal yet universal.

I work in series that can start as a concept of the mind, an idea, a thought, a vision of a finished work, or it can begin as an emotion, a feeling, a process of the heart. When I work on a theme, like stripes for example, I explore it in oil, acrylic, and encaustic, working figuratively and abstractly until it exhausts itself or leads to another theme. I apply what I’ve learned from working with shapes, forms, and lines in my abstract paintings to finding the simplicity that is needed for abstracting a figure. Similarly, my abstract work profits from my figurative experience.

I work in layers of paint, creating luminous color, depth, and voluptuous texture. Painting for me is a dynamic intuitive process. A drip or smear can reveal part of that process. I like that!