Carol Turrentine

For me, preserving our American heritage is fundamental. With my camera I document what to me are important and often overlooked parts of rural America – old tobacco farms, quirky gardens and settings, and most recently, a Tennessee folk artist’s cement statuary. All these views are of places with character and individual style, touched and appreciated, although sometimes neglected and abused.

I moved to New York City twenty years ago. After a bit I found myself traveling back home to Tennessee, searching out farms and rural areas to photograph places where I had grown up. I remembered the beauty of the landscapes and especially of the tobacco farms. I traveled through Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania photographing during the tobacco seasons. These photographs formed the basis of my series, “The Art in Tobacco Farming.”

An outgrowth of many sojourns through rural countrysides and gardens was another series “Flora, Fauna, Farms.” From working farms to well-known historical gardens, this series includes landscapes, animal life and gardens of private estates as well as more rustic, walked through gardens.