Curtis Wade

Curtis Wade is known for his dynamic and vivid oil paintings depicting the wild spaces, scenic vistas and the unique adobe architecture of the American Southwest. Wade is primarily a plein-air painter and believes that the best way to capture the feeling of a place is to actually experience it while painting. Wade has hiked with his easel and canvases into countless arroyos, canyons, mesas and lookouts in pursuit of inspiration for his work. Curtis Wade’s paintings always have dynamic compositions, are boldly hued and are painted with confident (sometimes impasto) brushwork. His work is created in a style that is uniquely his own and at the same time exemplifies the spirit of the American Southwest, where Wade has his roots.

Curtis Wade was born into a family of artists and art dealers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is primarily self-taught, however his grandmother, Juan Dell, a highly regarded western bronze sculptor who is known as the “First Lady of Western Bronze”, has left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities. Curtis Wade is currently represented by Manitou Galleries, in Santa Fe, where he currently lives and works.