Debbie Young

I was born and raised in Hawaii and studied art at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, California College of Arts and Crafts and the San Francisco Art Institute, graduating with a B.F.A.
My work is the result of bearing witness to and being a part of life. Working with an immediate response to color, light, atmospheric energy and nature’s beauty, I find inspiration unveiling itself through memories and layers of time. I work intuitively in collaboration with the creative energy of the moment—whether swimming in the open ocean daily two miles, listening to jazz, talking long walks along stretches of white sandy beaches or spending time with family and friends. I am transported to a place where I can discover and converse with images and textures that speak to me. All of these activities enrich my art, allowing me to breathe deeply and feel renewed. Being totally exposed and in the moment, I work intuitively in collaboration with the universal creative energy and the art of being present.
I have been in various juried exhibitions and my work can be found in collections throughout the Islands, Japan and Korea. I am a part owner of Honolulu’s oldest artists’ cooperatives—-The Gallery at Ward Centre.