Deborah Randall

“In the broadest sense, my work addresses the human condition as it relates to the experience of being, existence, the passage of time and mortality. More specifically, I am interested in exploring a dialogue between the physical and internal landscape. The Maine coast and the tidal marshes nearby are a major source of inspiration. Working from memory and intuition to convey atmospheric perspective and timelessness in nature, I hope to evoke the feeling of being present in the landscape by communicating the quality of light and color, the feel of the wind and vastness of space.”

Growing up just outside of Washington D.C., Deborah Randall enjoyed nature and inside the museums on the National Mall. Randall earned an Master of Fine Art degree in Painting in 1993 from Savannah College of Art and Design after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from California College the Arts. She was a professor for 18 years before opening the Deborah Randall Fine Art gallery, and has taught at numerous colleges and universities along the east coast. The recipient of several grants and awards, she has exhibited both locally and nationally in solo and group exhibitions and in London and Germany.