Dominie Nash

I am a full-time studio art quilter, primarily self-taught. First in my home studio and later in spaces in artists’ coops (currently in Washington DC), I have spent the past 20 years learning and practicing my art.

After a brief career in social work, I discovered the textile arts in the late 1960s and began to explore as many techniques and materials as I could.

I felt I had finally found a kind of work, which would be fulfilling over the long haul. At the beginning I concentrated on weaving and dyeing, making a few quilts now and then; the number kept increasing until I realized that this was my medium. I gradually developed my own way of doing things and a personal style, which involved finding a way to do the types of designs I envisioned without using the precise techniques of traditional quiltmaking. Hence, a sort of overlapping appliqué, leaving the edges raw, was my solution. Since I didn’t know the rules, I was free to break them and to achieve the kind of spontaneity I was seeking.