Gene Pembroke

I hit the road for five months of every year, yielding to an addiction that has held me in its fist for 15 years now. My beat-up Nikon F3 always comes along for the ride.

I describe my photography as a wonderful side effect of the drug that travel seems to be. I shoot all manner of subjects, but usually find myself gravitating towards those of a spiritual nature. I seek out feasts, festivals, and sacred celebrations, but also happen upon hushed scenes of faith and creed while walking city streets, country roads, and mountain paths. Very often the glimpses of ritual caught on these casual rambles are more illuminating than any performed in a pageant or parade.

When I return home I try to find the images that communicate the “wow” and wonder of that world without translating it completely. A little bit of mystery goes a long way in my book.

I do not alter or enhance my images. What I saw is what you get. My hope is that I am somehow able to convey the magic of a moment in a faraway place, and maybe inspire others to do a little wandering of their own.

I am based in Philadelphia, PA, and after many years and dozens of odd jobs throughout the world I am currently making a living with my photographs, participating in arts festivals and exhibitions around the US and continuing to travel as much as possible.