George Muscat

George Muscat was born in Qormi in January 1962.

He received his education at the Salvatore Dimech School for Craftsmen, evening courses with Gabriel Caruana, and various courses by Maltese and foreign artists. Between 1996 and 2001 he was entrusted with an evening class for adults, to teach ceramics in the same school in which he had been a student. Muscat became an excellent thrower and acquired a number of hand building and decorating techniques. This experience was put to excellent use especially after 1997 when he organised his first personal exhibition. George Muscat has also participated in a number of collective exhibitions.

In 2001 George presented a TV series, interviewing Maltese ceramists on a local tv programme. He is currently appointed as part-time lecturer at the MCAST institute of Art & Design. He is married to Monica. They have one daughter, Maria, and he lives in Naxxar, Malta.

The artist states, “In my opinion, Art ought to reflect happy moments.
Viewers should not be burdened with the difficult moments in an artist’s life.

With the infusion of colours and complex designs I cre­ate a world that recalls the mysteries of the environment around us. In this sense I open a window onto a world I want the viewers to see and yet, there are shades of my character and soul that are shielded in each ceramic piece.

The masses in ceramics and metal cost me a great deal of time and effort from perfecting the various tech­niques to applying them in a design. But for me, the empty spaces are just as important as those taken up by the material. For the material is there and could be seen, the outside shell, while I leave the space within for the imagi­nation of the viewer.”