Gyorgy Beck

Born in Budapest in 1963, Gyorgy Beck continues to live and work in his native land. His talents are eclectic and far-reaching and he is known internationally as a gifted artist, director, cinematographer and photographer. Beck graduated from the Theatre and Film Academy of Budapest. He received a scholarship from the Soros Foundation which enabled him to study at Miami University of Ohio from 1992-1993. Beck later returned to his homeland but often travels to America in order to work and teach. A Member of the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (HSC), he has received numerous awards for his camera work in film and television, including Best Camera Work at the 2005 Kamera Hungaria Festival and an Award of Merit from the Hungarian Academy of the Arts. He has participated in extensive exhibitions in Hungary, as well as in New York, Ljubljana and Berlin, and often blends several disciplines into one show.