Joey Chiarello

Joseph Chiarello, who goes by Joey, is primarily self-taught. He has studied with Esther Shimazu of Honolulu, Hawaii. He also studied with Sergei Isupov, and Michael Sherrill and under their tutelage he earned a scholarship through the Hawaii Craftsmen in 2004 and 2005. Joey views teaching as a large of his education and has taught ceramic art classes Hawaii potters guild in Honolulu Hawaii (as of 2011), and Seward park clay studio in Seattle Washington (2009-2011). Joey has been exhibiting work since 2003. His more recent shows include Mini SOFA inspired show at The Fine Art associates (2011), Hawaii’s Modern Masters (2011), Honolulu Japanese Chamber of commerce, Commitment to excellence Juried show, 2nd prize 3-D category, Honolulu Hawaii (2011), and “Homeward-bound” solo show at The Pacini Lubel Gallery Seattle (2010). Joey uses a wide range of age-old 2-D designs that includes a wide range of Native, Asian, folk lore and spirituality as paintings drawings and tattoos which inspire his 3-D ceramic interpretations. He says, “Growing up, I have always had a great appreciation of the many forms and capabilities of the entire animal kingdom. I am captivated by the stillness of the instinctual nature of each diverse creature. When I give in, creatures seem to flow from my fingertips.”