John Antone

According to John Antone, art must be in touch with our dreams. As he sees it, man’s most profound experiences in life are those which, like dreams, we understand with our hearts and minds: experiences such as love, the death of a beloved, or the birth of a child. Although not precisely religious, art becomes an outlet and release for emotion and intelligence, and touches on the importance of being human. Antone’s has studied with some of America’s most outstanding artists and art institutions. He did his undergraduate work at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and at the Rhode Island School of Design’s National Honors Program in Rome, Italy. In 1975, Antone had the opportunity to study at the school Walt Disney established in his will, the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California, working with John Baldessari, the world renowned, conceptual artist. He completed his MA in Sculpture at the University of Wisconsin in 1977, studying under Deborah Butterfield, and achieved his MFA from that school in 1978. This year, Antone received a Virginia Museum Foundation Professional Fellowship in sculpture, one of the most significant artistic awards given nationally.