Joy Every

Joy Every is a nationally recognized, award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited and collected throughout the Washington DC area, California and Utah. Joy works out of her studio at the Workhouse, a refurbished 100 year old prison, open to the public in Lorton, Virginia.

Joy draws her inspiration from the natural world both large and small. By working from memory and imagination rather than from photographs or painting on site, the imagery produced is more metaphorical and emotional. The idea is not to capture the reality of a place but the emotions evoked by a vista or natural object. These
expressive paintings draw heavily on images from the subconscious and universal symbolic content.

Texture, pattern and color play a big role in the content of her paintings as well. The many layers of paint and wax in her current work build and evolve to reveal a final image, a metaphor for the changing nature of the skies and land she paints.

Joy’s paintings are made with acrylic and oil paints, as well as wax on canvas and on wood.