Linda Ingraham

Linda Ingraham spent a year in Italy as a child which would greatly influence her life and the artwork she would eventually create. She was raised by a scientist and an artist, who took her along to art classes as a child. Linda considered her painting a hobby and not a serious profession. While attending New Mexico State University she switched majors from drama to fine art and art history, and participated in an exchange program with the University of Massachusetts at Boston and an international program at the Sorbonne in Paris. After graduating, Ingraham moved to Albuquerque, NM and began taking photography classes, finding the focus of her mixed media photography work which incorporates painting into the background.

Once she moved to Arizona is when things really began to happen. She won a sum of money in the Arizona Lottery and was able to afford a studio space in downtown Phoenix. Since then she has shown in galleries and museums around the country as well as in Japan and Brussels. In 1993 Linda received two grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts: A Visual Arts Fellowship and an Artists Project Grant. She has also frequently been a guest speaker and has been chosen to participate in numerous interesting projects such as with the Phoenix Art Museum and Ballet Arizona. The sense of reverence that Ingraham must have felt when viewing the altars and icons of the Gothic and Renaissance periods is apparent in her poetic photo-constructions today. She embodies an idea or emotion very simply with a single haunting image or a juxtaposition of images and objects, which are not just representations of the subject but are meant to be visual metaphors, touching upon our collective fears, hopes, and desires.