Liz Larner

“I don’t really like to tell people what to think about things. I like to give them things to think about that aren’t spelled out that.”

Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Liz Larner explores the possibilities of form and material in her abstract sculptural works. Although her work is devoid of explicit content, her pieces seem to be in dialogue with themselves and with their viewers, as color, shape, line, and light play off of one another in intriguing and unexpected ways. Her work encompasses a range of materials and conceptual ideas, but the overarching themes are nature and biology, whether that is expressed in Larener’s materials, her exploration of the mathematical side of geometric forms, or a quieter meditation on geology itself.

Larner has an overriding interest in the physical, natural world. As she has said, sculpture “is a medium that can address how our world is produced and the factors that go into forming it. Because of this I feel there is a potential poetics in sculpture that is closely connected to our world as the context we inhabit.”