Marieluise Hutchinson

“For me, painting is a reaching out of expression by capturing simplicity in the commonplace. Admittedly, my paintings reflect an affection for our past; I try to keep my work honest and thoughtful and thrive on the interaction I receive from my collectors. Being technically skilled and having a vision of the possibilities in every painting is a life-long process and an artist’s gift.”

Marieluise Hutchinson, a self-taught artist from Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts and Cushing, Maine, paints subjects of “road less travelled.” The distinct seasons of New England, as well as its character present an endless source of inspiration. A deep respect and sensitivity for the commonplace is evident as she records the passage of time of vanishing homesteads, fields, and farmlands of rural America. Hutchinson is a Copley Artist at the Copley Society of Boston, Massachusetts; and a Master Artist at the Cape Cod Art Association, Massachusetts. Her work is also in the permanent collection at the Cahoon Museum of American Art, Cape Cod, and the Cape Cod Museum of Art.