Matt Seasholtz

Matt’s education at Lehigh University and early work experience were as a mechanical engineer. Matt began working with glass in 1984 at Glasslight, Inc. with Joel and Candy Bless where he worked as a glassblower and contributed to product design until 2003. During the late 1980’s he began to develop his own style of work. Through the 1990’s Matt started showing his evolving work at juried craft shows throughout the northeast. In 2004 Matt moved to Vermont and built a studio to pursue his own artistic vision. Matt strives to create elegant objects with simplicity being central to his design philosophy.

I enjoy the demands of working with hot glass. Blowing glass requires great focus. There is also a strong component of physical and mental coordination. These things make the act of creating a piece of blown glass both fun and challenging for me.

The blown glass that I am currently producing explores the interplay between the fields of transparent color, surface texture created using an optic mold and form. I work with organic and free flowing forms to best take advantage of the fluid nature of glass. Combining these elements creates an illusion of motion in my completed works.