Meeyoo Handwovens

Meeyoo Handwovens combines the art of designing and weaving fabric with the functionality of keeping one’s baby close. The colorful lengths of intricately handwoven fabric, created by sisters Angel and Cameo in their studios in rural Ohio, are wearable pieces of art that strengthen the bonds within families. Woven on traditional floor looms using 100% cotton yarn, Meeyoo baby wraps provide an easy and supportive “hands-free” way to care for babies and toddlers. Inspired by their own parenting journeys, Meeyoo is honored to play a small role in encouraging bonding and empowering caregivers, and especially new mothers.

Angel and Cameo are sisters and best friends who were born and raised in rural Ohio. Growing up in a family with seven children, they were always encouraged to create
and imagine. Now, as mothers to five children each, they find joy in supporting and encouraging other mothers to find confidence in their vocations. Their handwoven designs are inspired by their families and the beauty that they find in their everyday surroundings.