Monica V. Loncola

Born in New Jersey, Monica Violet Loncola has been painting and drawing all of her life. She received her BFA in studio arts from Rosemont College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Post graduation, she continued studies in Medical Illustration. Having lived in NYC and Washington DC throughout the 1980’s, she relocated to Northern California where she presently maintains her studio.

Creating original and commissioned works, many of her illustrations and paintings combine a variety of media and symbolic images juxtaposed in a dreamlike state of recollection. In some works, architectural fragments and botanicals float through the air in an ethereal fashion that suggests spiritual passages throughout civilization. Ms Loncola illustrates a wide range of subject matter including Architecture, Shoes, Botanicals, Marine life and Landscapes.

“Her technical prowess for detailed realism and her ability to deftly fuse it with abstraction achieve works of art that are an eloquent manifestation of visual synergy.”

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