Pandi Mele

Born in Albania, Pandi Mele is a graphic artist, painter, and art critic. He studied graphic arts at the Repin in the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts, Russia, from 1959
to 1961, and at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania from 1961 to 1964. He first achieved recognition in 1964 with a series of twelve linocuts, Migjeni Motifs. In later graphic works he attempted to reflect advanced social developments in Albanian society. His work is distinguished for its skillful composition and his use of laconic means of
expression. His expressive lines and balance of tones are permeated with an epic spirit with a tendency toward the monumental. Mele has shown his work widely throughout
the world and has published numerous articles as an art critic. He is the holder of many awards, including Merited Artist of the Republic of Albania. For more than thirty five years he worked as director of the graphic atelier and professor at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania; an expert of fine arts in the Ministry of Education and Culture of Albania; a specialist of fine arts at the Center of Artists of Albania; and editor in chief at the Naim Frashëri publishing house in Tirana. Mele lives and works in Albania and the United States.