Pat Badt

Pat Badt is Professor of Art at Cedar Crest College in eastern Pennsylvania. She received her BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz and her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She has been the recipient of many awards and prizes including an NEA for painting. She has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and places between. Her work is inspired by location, filtered through experience and sensibility. Her studio is in a white carriage barn along the Jordan Creek, surrounded by apple orchards, low mountains and the convergence of two creeks. Her work is about the process of painting– applying paint through the appropriate handwriting, color, texture and scale. Her paintings make visual the quiet overlooked events that make up daily routine. Within the daily routine resides the culture of life. Her paintings are coded representations of moments that reconstruct as memory. Memory is a kind of compression of experience. As the cache function in computers, the compression of computer storage, Pat Badt’s work is meant to be the compression of visual experience, to recreate through color, surface and process the memory of experience.