Paul Stone

“I concern myself with the effects of human purpose upon our landscape; and despite the fact that my intent is to validate the value and effect of such effort, you will find few human figures in my paintings. I am engaged by the utilitarian and purposeful nature of human effort: the creation of fields, woodlands, buildings, boats, etc. by which our enterprise is furthered and along the way seen to be worthy and beautiful in its own right. Geometries we have carved out of and created upon our landscapes are alive with linear and functional beauty, but also, and too often, with a haunting desecration. This creative activity has produced abstract forms that have become integrated into our world – purposefully. Hence, you will find in my work abstractions of our evolving landscape and from our evolving landscape, evoked in the hope of making manifest some of what I have spoken about – all with an eye to the simplification of those ideas and their codification onto an understandable and readable surface, i.e., the canvas.

By contrast and intensity, with subtlety and with devise, I try to achieve visual affects reflecting my experience.”