Scott Lennox

After traveling internationally as a child, Scott Lennox was raised and has spent most of his life in Texas. Following a career as a commercial photographer, he shifted to formal study of drawing and painting, where he says he is always looking for what lies beyond the obvious-for what is just below the surface. He has long been inspired by the Victorian poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, who wrote of inscape, the quiet and gradual self-revealing of the inner nature of things. And like Hopkins, Lennox is drawn to the serenity of quiet places and natural settings. As both painter and poet, he strikes a natural balance between his writing and his visual art. He crafts poetry that is rich in visual imagery and creates landscapes in oil and in watercolor that are quietly, yet solidly poetic.

Scott began exploring the Brazos River and the countryside around it in his boyhood. Those first experiences allowed him direct contact with life around him and with a deeper part of himself. It is near and on the river that he has most recently focused his artistic energies. His drawings and paintings allow us to step out of ordinary experience and into silence and mystery.

In December of 2006, Lennox presented a solo exhibition of work he called Brazos River Country-drawings, paintings, field notes, poetry, and music. His works are held in private and corporate collections throughout the country and internationally. Two of his paintings hung in the United States Embassy residence in Geneva and have been recently moved to Moscow as part of the Department of State’s Art in Embassies program.

Lennox is currently working to complete a series of twenty-four skyscapes in oil for an exhibition next year, as well as ongoing commissioned landscapes.