Sofia Kifle

“My everyday experience is like a dance in my mind that unfolds a form. That form, from one moment to another, becomes endless compositions. I reflect my roots, I reflect moments as they suggest to me. I am a storyteller in color and I am always ready with pregnant thoughts of moments, cultures and nature. I am vast concepts and ideas of human nature and behavior. I am thoughts that are about humanity. Thoughts of freedom, pain, struggle, life, humility, fate and thoughts of strength and love. My works visualize and portray my story, the stories of the Africans, the Americans and the world. The House of Silence takes the historic revolution of Ethiopia in 1974 as its subject.

I stand intertwined with the suspended time and space, willingly listening and looping myself with symbols, myths, color, movement, shapes, rhythm and forms. The asymmetrical and primal method is the means for stitching and resolving the painting. The primal route is an existence that emerged from experiences ingrained in ceremonies.”

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sofia Kifle migrated to the United States in 1982, during the height of Ethiopia’s political turmoil to avoid persecution by the military socialist regime then in power. Upon arrival, she decided to pursue a career in the arts, and enrolled in the theater and arts management program at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. After graduation in 1987, she immersed herself in many disciplines within the creative world. In May 2000, she completed the Masters in Fine Art Program at Howard University, Washington, D.C., and has since exhibited her work in several group and solo exhibitions in Ethiopia and the United States.