Velda Newman

“After an initial foray in painting, I discovered quiltmaking in 1983. In contrast to painting on canvas, I was drawn to the tactile quality and richly expressive value of fabric and thread. Most of my work is realistic, based on my own photos of my garden and pictures from books. I begin with my own hand-dyed fabric and have increasingly incorporated other mediums such as pastel, paint, ink and resist. The versatility these mediums offer in conjunction with the craftmanship of quiltmaking continues to be both challenging and rewarding.

I find nature to be an endless source of inspiration and I suppose my life on the shores and in the mountains of California have influenced me most. I begin conventionally by breaking down a design into it’s most basic elements of shape and color. However, somewhere in the process my vision skews–colors become bolder, shapes and subjects get larger. It is through this use of exaggerated colors and shapes that I hope to inspire the viewer and celebrate the beauty and spectacle of mother nature.”