Art in Embassies

Art in Embassies – Jerusalem

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0:02 I good evening hosting a party tonight to show up our new exhibition American
0:06 textile
0:07 my left we have bouta
0:10 by Apple’s time Holsteins 97 years old this year
0:15 should be honored with an exhibition are used to Chicago
0:19 behind me we have interpreted any
0:21 by marrying home in San Francisco California featured on the cover
0:26 a more exhibition catalogue we also have works by local artists including miss
0:31 beautiful nineteenth century
0:33 palestinian traditional embroidery and I want to thank the Abu Omar
0:37 family babe Nina who graciously Mendes this dress
0:41 the exhibition
0:43 thank you for taking the time this is my home you can see more about this
0:46 exhibition others
0:47 art don’t stay duck