2011 Exchange

Maggie Michael

During the winter of 2011, the chief curator at ART in Embassies, Virginia Shore, invited me to create a proposal for a mural at the new US Embassy in Bucharest. As I began the preparations and concept sketches, I questioned my approach. Why would I make a work as an individual artist in an Embassy...
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Frank Day

I flew in to Khartoum many times before I got off the airplane. On trips to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a country with which I have a long familiarity, return flights to Europe often stopped at Khartoum to refuel. The country and the city seemed so mysterious. I regarded the passengers getting on at Khartoum with...
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Julie Wolfe

The designer and artist Julie Wolfe visited Ecuador from September 19-27, 2011. During her tour she had the opportunity to share her knowledge and methodologies with artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A group of 15 women participated in a workshop to improve their designs and techniques of jewelry for sale to tourists. This event was...
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