Douglas Abdell

Douglas Abdell born was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1947 to parents of Lebanese and Italian origin. In 1970 he graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture.

Abdell is predominately a sculptor and has worked with cast and welded bronze, welded steel, and carved stone. In the early eighties he had a period of painting with oil, acrylics and mixed media collage works. In the last 30 years his work has been devoted to political and social themes related to the Mediterranean Countries and their history more specifically Phoenician and Arabic with their specific symbols and languages. The materials of these works are cast bronze, carved stone and etchings.

Abdell has starred in numerous solo exhibitions since he opened his first show in 1971 at the Graham Gallery in New York. Thus, he has exhibited in cities like Maryland, Connecticut, Kansas, Tennessee, Berlin, Boston, Los Angeles, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, ??Zaragoza or Madrid, among others. He is currently living in Malaga, Spain.