Frederick Denys

Frederick Denys is a representational painter who was born in Texas in 1946. He moved to Utah in 1948 and has lived in the Prove/Orem area where he and his wife, Joyce, raised their three sons. While he took art classes at the college and university level, he is largely a self-taught artist.
While attending Brigham Young University. he was inspired by artists of the Hudson River School. In the mid 1800s this American art movement included Albert Bierstadt, Frederic Church and Thomas Moran. They created a romanticized style of landscape painting. The term “luminisim” came from this movement. It describes how light appears to radiate from a painting.
Denys has adopted this “luministic” style in many of his landscapes. He, however, paints in many styles ranging from traditional realism to plein air painting. He says, “I have never been stuck in one style. To me sticking to one style is what I call ‘stagnant painting,‘ not real art.”
He has been inspired by subjects from the West Coast to the East Coast, all over the western U.S, Europe and as far as Africa. He excels at and enjoys painting large-scale work. “A large painting is not just an ornament on the wall. It makes a statement and sets a mood for the entire room,” he says
Over the past 30 years he has been represented by galleries on the East and West coasts, along with galleries in the West. His paintings hang in collections nationwide, in Europe and in Australia. He is listed in the International Who‘s Who in Art and Antiques, Who‘s Who in American Art, McGuire‘s Who‘s Who in the West, and is a member of the International Guild of Realism.